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Louvre Panel Rack

Louvre panel rack, which is a warehouse rack, looks similar to spare parts shelves. This rack is usually used in workshop of assembly line because it can hang a lot of plastic boxes to store various small parts. Its main components are square hole flip charts and shutter flip charts and it has many other components such as hang bins, hooks, decks, etc. Our louver panel rack can arrange the storage by categories in order to carry and home easily and conveniently. It also saves a large amount of space for you, neatly and effectively.

In addition, there is some indispensable auxiliary equipment like tool cabinet, tool van and storage rack in modern factory, especially fit for departments of manufacturing shop, maintenance shop, assembly line production, warehouse, spare parts storage, clean room, etc. The louver panel rack not only arranges the storage of small spare parts, equipment, tools, etc., but also offers convenient operating environment. Consumers can customize square hole flip charts and shutter flip charts according to special specification and warmly welcome to call to order.

We are a louvre panel rack manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including double rivet shelving rack, bin shelving rack, work bench, and much more.

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  • Slotted Angle Shelving RackIt is mainly composed of support column, laminate, base plate, etc. Bearing capacity of this angle shelving rack mainly depends on support column and it varies from thickness of support column and distribution of regulation hole. There is 25/50mm between regulation holes and laminate is a kind of excellent cold rolling layer board. Load capacity of slotted angle shelving rack is 30-150 kilogram per layer and it is ideally suitable for family business. In addition, you can customize its color and size. We also can deploy matching accessories according to your special requirements.
  • Bin Shelving RackAlso, it is a mature product and comes with a stable quality. After the market testing and outstanding quality and efficiency control, this product becomes more and more competitive.
    It has a series of advantages and they are clear classification and hard appearance; reasonable design and great price; customized design and simple to assemble.
    It is also widely used in private garage, enterprise warehouse, and company utility room. So we can make a safe conclusion that this product is a qualified shelf which has obtained customers' recognitions and supports.