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Supermarket Shelving Rack

Our supermarket shelving rack enjoys the great popularity among those convenience stores, department stores or supermarkets. It is mainly used to store a large variety of retail commodities. Therefore, our selling points focus on its quality and appearance.

Supermarket shelving rack comes with beautiful appearance, firm structure and various specifications. And its design which reflects the era style is in harmony with the atmosphere of modern supermarket to bring about the brand-new business. And its surface is treated by static powder paint coating and offers with strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Its colors depend on customers. This product heightens the base of support arms to increase the bearing capacity, which lengthens and widens laminates. This kind of shelving rack can meet those comprehensive supermarkets' demands.
In addition, the supermarket shelving rack is convenient to install and a large variety of accessories is available. It is also safe to use because support column is firmly connected to base in order to enhance its safety factor.

The second picture is partial enlarged drawing of our supermarket shelving rack. It shows that our product is finely processed with enough raw materials.

Firebird Logistics Equipment is an experienced supermarket shelving rack manufacturer based in China. Our products include bin shelving rack, wide span shelving rack, mezzanine shelving rack, and much more.

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  • Mobile Rivet Light Duty Shelving RackIts outstanding merit is to enhance the space utility and it can save 40% space. Its mobile aisle shelving system which is expandable is designed to maximize cubic storage space.
    The first picture is about shelves working scheme, from which, you can easily recognize its working mode and it can save much space for you. The second picture is about product of partial enlarged drawing. As the picture shows, our product is very neat and safe to use. It is flexible and we can lay mesh on the layer. And steel shelf and melamine MDF are both ok.
  • Book ShelvingJust as the photo shows, book shelving, simple and beautiful, is a combination of steel structure and wooden board layer. Various colors and sizes are available. And it is based on derivative products of slotted angle steel.
    We are a professional book shelving manufacturer in China. We also provide drive in rack supported building, work bench, cold rolled cantilever shelving rack, and much more.