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Wire Shelving Rack

Our wire shelving rack, without beams, is light to carry and simple to assemble and disassemble. It comes with a unique combination of chrome-plated carbon steel mesh and support column. And hard chrome-plated carbon steel mesh promotes the circulation of air to reduce dust accumulation. Also its open design enables all items to be seen. In addition, mesh of micro series on every layer can support 50 kilograms and mesh of home series support 100-250 kilograms.

Wire shelving rack has a complete model specification, catering to any demands for space. It also can be able to form various products with different functions like kitchen series, living room series, bedroom series, study room series, office series, market, hotel, factory series or home series, etc.

At the same time, it offers with the characteristic of flexibility. You can combine a series of products with different functions. For example, you can combine a clothes-hanger with V-shaped hook and plain pipe. You also can combine a dining car or cart with steering handle and wheels. And you can combine a book shelf with separation plates and lateral plates.

As an experienced wire shelving rack manufacturer and supplier in China, Firebird Logistics Equipment provides a wide range of products that includes bin shelving rack, mobile rivet light duty shelving rack, open-type press machine with fixed bed, and more.

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  • Double Rivet Shelving Rack Good shelf is made of equal angle steel with bilateral punching and the distance between punch holes is 50mm along straight lines. The punch holes of support column are used for hanging laminates. Steel laminate is cold-roll steel sheet whose four sides are bent to shape according to the required size. Speed buckle and triangle-shaped metal connects support column and steel laminate together.
    This finished product has a beautiful shape and smooth surface. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble and its laminate is adjustable.
  • Louvre Panel RackLouvre panel rack, which is a warehouse rack, looks similar to spare parts shelves. This rack is usually used in workshop of assembly line because it can hang a lot of plastic boxes to store various small parts. Its main components are square hole flip charts and shutter flip charts and it has many other components such as hang bins, hooks, decks, etc. Our louver panel rack can arrange the storage by categories in order to carry and home easily and conveniently. It also saves a large amount of space for you, neatly and effectively.
    The louver panel rack not only arranges the storage of small spare parts, equipment, tools, etc.